2017 California Crime Writers Conference, Culver City, CA

Workshop Schedule




Saturday, June 10, 2017


Bookstore and Auction Room (Pacifica Ballroom A)



Breakfast  |  Registration (Ballroom Foyer)








Writing for the Screen or the Page: Techniques and Differences

Wendall Thomas, Georgia Jeffries, Phoef Sutton

M: Ellen Byron

Working Relationship Between

Author and Agent

William Kent Krueger and

Danielle Egan-Miller

M: Andrew Pierce

The Truth About Lies: The Art of Interrogation (two part session)

Paul Bishop

Marketing/Publicity: What Works and What Doesn’t?

Maryglenn McCombs, Rachel Howzell Hall, Frankie Bow, Tammy Kaehler

M: Terry Shames


There’s Writing and There’s Revising: How to Approach Rewrites

Hallie Ephron, Joanna MacKenzie, James Ziskin, Glen Erik Hamilton

M: Mary Marks

Gone Digital: How to Make the

Most of Electronic Publishing

Jill Marr, Alexandra Sehulster, Dianne Emley

M: Holly West

Social Media Forum

Sue Ann Jaffarian, Janet Lynn, Will Zeilinger, Sarah M. Chen, Vera Chan

M: Laura Brennan


Keynote Luncheon and Address: Hallie Ephron

(Pacifica Ballroom BCD)


How to Build Suspense:
a Workshop with
William Kent Krueger

Hollywood Calls: Getting Your Work Adapted for Film and TV

Kate Carlisle, Hollie Overton, Naomi Hirahara

What Your Bones Would Tell Me About You:

Forensic Anthropology

Marilyn London

Visibility: Get Yourself Known

Gigi Pandian, Gay Degani, Carole Sojka, Matt Coyle

M: Laurie Stevens


Writing Mystery for Younger Readers

Stacia Deutsch, Kristen Kittscher, Ann Redisch Stampler

M: Christina Hoag

Author Idol

Danielle Egan-Miller, Joanna MacKenzie, Jill Marr, Eric Campbell, Emily Giglierano, Alexandra Sehulster

M: Harley Jane Kozak

The Little Things That Count: Trace Evidence and Fingerprints

Dr. Katherine Ann Roberts, Director CSULA Criminalistics


Publicist Q&A

Maryglenn McCombs, Holly Watson, Justin Hargett, Liz Donatelli

M: Daryl Wood Gerber


Agent and Editor Cocktail Party (Culver Club)









Sunday, June 11, 2017


Bookstore and Auction Room (Pacifica Ballroom A)



Breakfast  |  Registration (Ballroom Foyer)








Does Sex Spice Up Your Mystery?

Kate Carlisle, Anne Cleeland, Nadine Nettmann, Beth Yarnell

M: Wendall Thomas

A Partnership Most Mysterious:

Editor and Author

Eric Campbell and S.W. Lauden, Emily Giglierano, Duane Swierczynski, Alexandra Sehulster, Jody Gehrman

M: Tyler Dilts

Stepping into the Scene: Mock Crime Scene

George Fong and FBI Agents

Thinking Outside the Box: Videos, Podcasts, Giveaways, and More

Laura Brennan, Mary Putnam, Ellen Byron

M: Stephen Buehler


Harness Characters to Drive Plot:
a Workshop with Hallie Ephron

Representing Authors

in Changing Times

Joanna MacKenzie, Jill Marr, Danielle Egan-Miller

M: Kathy Aarons

Leverage: Using Personal Experience to Sell Fiction

Diana Gould, Nancy Cole Silverman, Sheila Lowe, Elaine Ash

M: Carlene O'Neil


Keynote Luncheon and Address: William Kent Krueger

(Pacifica Ballroom BCD)


When the Plot Thickens Too Much…Are You Over-Plotting?

Craig Faustus Buck, Terri Nolan, Bonnie MacBird, Dennis Palumbo

M: Matt Coyle

Obi Wan Kenobi:

Veteran Authors’ Strategies to Survive the Publishing Force

Sue Ann Jaffarian, Jeri Westerson, Patricia Smiley

M: Sybil Johnson

Clues from the Page: Scientific Document Examination

Melvin Cavanaugh

Rebranding: Changing Genre, Styles, and More

Daryl Wood Gerber, Christina Hoag, Linda O. Johnston, Elizabeth Little

M: Jill Amadio


The Long and Short of It:

Short Stories and Novellas vs. Novels

Kate Thornton, Travis Richardson, Paul D. Marks, William Kent Krueger

M: S.W. Lauden

A Conversation with West Coast Publishers

Colleen Dunn Bates, Tyson Cornell, Lee Goldberg

M: Nancie Clare

Keep Calm and Swab On: The Scientific Investigation of Crime Scenes

Dr. Donald Johnson, LA Sheriff’s Department


From the Source: Working with Libraries



Closing Session with Guests of Honor Hallie Ephron and William Kent Krueger

Moderated by Elizabeth Little, President of SoCal MWA